Conversations on Success

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Successful. Satisfied. Searching. How do you see yourself?

Pull up a chair and take some notes.

Featuring Deepak Chopra, Mark Sanborn,
Sylvia Henderson, and Mark Victor Hansen

Conversations on Success is an in-depth look into the lives, lessons and motivations of a unique collection of men and women who have a real handle on success. Pick and choose from the menu to determine the mix of strategies and guidance that’s right for you.

Sylvia moto-vates you to succeed by introducing you to
V-Twin Values©: Success Principles for Your Life’s Ride.

  • Past: The sum of your past experiences, which shapes who you are.
  • People: You influence and are influenced by others.
  • Persistence: Decide to take action, then take action!
  • Play: Give your life balance, perspective, and renewal.

Decide how you will apply these V-Twin Values© and other insights on success from people who live their values every day.

Satisfy your own quest. Inspire a friend or colleague. Move your entire organization to succeed.

Single copies or volume discounts available.

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